I have written the following books for the MBI/Voyageur Press Railroad Color History series:

Rails Across Canada: The History of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways (ISBN 0760340080) (note: this edition contains the text of the two books listed immediately below)

Canadian National Railway (ISBN 076031764X)

Canadian Pacific Railway (ISBN 0760322554)

The Milwaukee Road (ISBN 0760320721)

Illinois Central Railroad (ISBN 0760322546)

Southern Railway (ISBN 0760325456)

Chicago & North Western Railway (ISBN 0760325464)

In each of these histories, I have traced the development of the railroad as a business, describing why it came into existence, how it made use of its competitive advantages, and what challenges the company's management faced through the decades. I have made generous use of archival and contemporary photos as well as maps, timetables and other printed materials. On each project, I benefited greatly from comments and suggestions from veteran employees of the railroad I was writing about.