Blogs and photos: Overseas railways

During an extended trip to Europe in 2011, my wife Marcia and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the railways of several countries and regions. An overview of our trip is available on our travel blog.

The following albums contain images of the railways we saw and rode during our 2011 trip:
• United Kingdom and Ireland
• Scandinavia
• Finland
• Rhine region  
• Switzerland:
   Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
   Lake Lucerne area: Zentralbahn, Rigi Bahnen, Pilatus Bahn
   Bern–Lötschberg–Simplon Railway (BLS)
   Jungfrau region
   Golden Pass route
   Centovalli and TILO
   Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) and Gornergratbahn
   Rhätische Bahn (RhB)

For the blog Train of Thought on the Trains magazine web site, I wrote the following reports on specific portions of our 2011 trip:
   • Steam in the northwest corner of Wales
   • Those colourful Brits, Part 1 and Part 2
   • Getting acquainted with the railways of Scandinavia

Please note that full access to the Train of Thought blog requires the user to log in on the Trains web site.

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In 2012, we traveled to New Zealand, where we rode several of that country's railway routes. For the Train of Thought blog, I wrote a report titled New Zealand: Land of Variety.  

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In June 2016, the Swiss completed work on the new, 35.4-mile Gotthard Base Tunnel. In this album, you can view photos of the tunnel's construction, courtesy of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. For the News Wire on the Trains magazine web site, I prepared a news report on the opening of the tunnel.